Can You Foster?

The million-dollar question! Fostering is one of the most amazing things anyone can do.

Foster parents never like to be called heroes but without them, thousands of children and young people would not flourish and achieve the great things they are able to, every single year.


Children and young people need foster parents as diverse as themselves, people of all ages, from different backgrounds with a wide range of life experiences. 

You don’t need any special training or qualifications to foster – we’ll provide that. All Foster Care Matters foster parents will receive therapeutic training and ongoing dedicated support to develop the skills they need to help children thrive.

You also don’t need to have children of your own or a wealth of childcare experience. What you do need is to be able to offer support, nurture, patience, resilience and have the space (you will need to be able to provide a child with their own bedroom) to care for a child or children who are unable to live with their own birth families.

Just as no two children are the same, neither are foster parents, but they all have one thing in common – a passion and strong desire to help make a difference to vulnerable children and young people.

We are here to give you all the information to make that informed decision.  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for lots of answers to those questions you may have. We also host regular information events, download our information pack now to find out more.

You Can Foster with Foster Care Matters if you:

  • Are single, divorced or living with a partner
  • Are already a parent or have never parented – having some experience of caring for children is beneficial
  • Are Heterosexual or LGBTQ+
  • Are of any ethnicity, culture or religion
  • Have a disability or physical illness – a medical will be undertaken to ensure that fostering is compatible with your condition
  • If you live with or have previously lived with any mental health issues – fostering is challenging, a medical will be undertaken to ensure that fostering will not exacerbate any issues you may have.
  • Are working, unemployed or retired
  • Are renting or own your home – you need to provide a child with their own bedroom
  • Are able to work with a wide variety of professionals supporting the child
  • Have empathy for birth families
  • If you don’t drive but have good access to public transport
  • Have the passion and desire to help a child really matter


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