Here is a list of the most common questions we get asked by our enquirers. For more information, download the guide below.

Download Fostering Guide


Here is a list of the most common questions we get asked by our enquirers. For more information, download the guide below.

Download Fostering Guide

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Can I foster if I have children of my own?

Yes, you can but it is ideal that the foster child is the youngest child in the family, although it can work where teenagers have been placed alongside much younger birth children. We would ideally not want a foster child to be the middle child in a family. We would also consider how we match foster children around your children to ensure the match works well for everyone. We would usually consider an age gap of about 2 years to ensure the foster child is not set up in competition with your child. Your children would be involved in the assessment process because it is important that we are confident that everyone is committed to the fostering journey. It can be really challenging for children to share their parents with foster children so this needs to be considered carefully. Ultimately all children and families are different so what works with one will not work with another so it is important to talk it through openly and honestly.

What qualifications do I need to foster?

You don’t need any special training or qualifications to foster – we’ll provide that. All our foster parents receive therapeutic training and ongoing support to develop the skills they need to help children thrive. What you do need is to be able to offer support, nurture, patience, resilience and have the space (you will need to be able to provide a child with their own bedroom) to care for a child or children who are unable to live with their own birth families.

I have or have previously lived with mental health issues - can I foster?

This does not preclude you from fostering. However, your own health and needs, together with the child's needs will be paramount to us. Fostering is challenging, a medical will be undertaken with your own GP to ensure that fostering will not exacerbate any issues you may have.

What allowances do you offer?

As a children’s charity, we are honest and transparent when discussing our fostering allowances for our foster parents, there are no hidden surprises. Our ethos at Foster Care Matters is making children matter and re-investing back into our services. We also believe in a fair and clear allowance structure, our allowances are: For children aged 0-10 years £430.00 per child, per week For children aged 11-18 years £460.00 per child/young person, per week. For our full allowances including, holiday, sleepver, religious festivals etc. download our fostering guide.

What is an IFA?

What is an IFA? An IFA is short for Independent Fostering Agency - which Foster Care Matters is. We are also part of a registered children's charity through our parent agency, Adoption Matters, and are a not-for-profit fostering agency. As an independent fostering agency we work very closely with local authorities to find suitable foster parents for children within their care to best meet their needs.

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